April 2012

  • Microwaving Foam

    April 17, 2012

    Microwaves are so efficient that they reduce our energy needs. They are designed to heat the food within the polystyrene container not to heat the actual container. If the food within the container gets too hot this will cause the container to soften which may present a safety hazard for handling....read more

  • In the News

    April 17, 2012

    School District Adopts Successful Foam Recycling Program In Long Beach California, the school district uses foam products everyday. Foam trays are used to keep material cost low and minimize exposure to bacteria and other foodborne pathogens. Long Beach school district not only finds polystyrene products economical, but convenient, insulated and highly sanitized....read more

  • Why Choose Foam?

    April 17, 2012

    A soft drink in a foam cup will still have more carbonation in it after 15 minutes than the same drink in a paper cup after 2 minutes....read more

  • What is Styrene?

    April 15, 2012

    Styrene is a clear, colorless liquid that is used in everything from food containers and packaging materials to cars, boats, and computers, medical, health, and safety equipment, and even video games....read more

  • Foam Recycling Works

    April 15, 2012

    Polystyrene foam, sometimes mistakenly referred to as ‘Styrofoam®’, a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company, can be recycled at the proper recycling centers. In fact, Dart recycles enough energy a year to heat over 105,000 homes. With programs like CARE (Cups Are REcyclable) and Recycla-Pak, customers can enjoy the benefits of using insulated foam cups....read more

  • Why Foam?

    April 14, 2012

    Dart Container Corporation has been producing foam products since an initial experimentation with expandable polystyrene in the late 1950s led to the discovery of the high quality insulated foam products that we know and use today. The invention of foam cups brought with it many benefits, including superior insulation, strength, and durability. Foam cups are the most efficient way to keep your drinks warm in the winter and cold in the summer....read more

  • The Truth About Foam

    April 13, 2012

    Foam, sometimes mistakenly referred to as ‘Styrofoam®’ which is a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company, is one of our most valuable products because foam is inexpensive and safe to use. Most hospitals use foam products because foam products minimize exposure to bacteria and other food-borne pathogens compared to reusables. Foam is recyclable while also providing many consumer benefits. Foam products are lightweight, sturdy, inexpensive, and insulated....read more

  • Why Recycle Foam?

    April 12, 2012

    All polystyrene (PS) foam material can be recycled and used to make items such as clothes hangers, picture frames, rulers, architectural molding, and seedling containers. Recycling PS foam can reduce the amount of energy and materials used to make new products, which ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the product’s overall carbon footprint....read more

  • Landfill Myths

    April 10, 2012

    Foam makes up less than 1% by both weight and volume of our landfill waste. Most consumers who purchase paper cups don’t realize that more paper cups end up in landfills than foam cups....read more

  • Foam in Foodservice

    April 07, 2012

    Foam foodservice and lunch tray recycling offers a unique opportunity for schools to save money, reduce greenhouse gases, create jobs, and reduce landfill waste....read more

  • Boy Scouts of America Go Green

    April 04, 2012

    Boy Scouts of America (BSA) go green by recycling foam cups thanks to a partnership between Dart Container Corporation, the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA), and the Del-Mar-Va Council of the BSA. The recycling effort took place during the peninsula-wide Scout Jamboree at the new Akridge Scout Reservation. Participants recycled thousands of polystyrene cups and reduced the event’s overall environmental impact....read more

  • New Technologies

    April 04, 2012

    Through the efforts of our engineering and technical experts, Dart continues to achieve significant breakthroughs in environmental stewardship. Their efforts have paid off through delivering substantial reductions in Dart’s carbon footprint. Even more exciting innovations now are being researched and developed....read more