New Technologies

April 04, 2012

Through the efforts of our engineering and technical experts, Dart continues to achieve significant breakthroughs in environmental stewardship. Their efforts have paid off through delivering substantial reductions in Dart’s carbon footprint. Even more exciting innovations now are being researched and developed.

Dart is aggressively researching the potential of closing the loop on foam recycling efforts by using post-consumer recycled material in several of our products. Dart will further cut energy usage by entirely eliminating an energy-intensive step in the making of one of their fastest-growing and most popular lines of cup lids. They are investigating means to make more extensive use of landfill gas as a source of energy. They are intensively researching the use of biopolymers as the raw materials for many of their products.

Dart’s drive for efficiency fosters the creativity that generates these innovations. Sustainability, stewardship, and reducing our carbon footprint are new means of expressing a deep-rooted ethic at Dart. Tomorrow’s environmental breakthroughs will flow from this same disciplined approach.