Dart Recycles Foam

September 27, 2012

Dart Container Corporation, the leading producer of single-use food service products (including polystyrene foam cups and containers), for the fifth consecutive year participated in the Great American River Clean Up. Each year, Dart brings with them educational opportunities and an army of Dart employees to volunteer.

This year, the event took place on Saturday, September 15. Volunteers from all different places teamed up to pick up trash and debris from the American River Parkway. In an effort to encourage foam recycling, Dart hosted a one-day foam collection event where residents could recycle their used foam. The effort made by Dart helps divert waste from local landfills.

Dart collects all clean foam products for processing including cups, plates, and protective packaging used for electronics. The recycled foam is used to make products, such as picture frames, crown molding, and agricultural containers.

“The Great American River Clean Up continues to make an impact on the Sacramento community, and we’re grateful to have the long-term support of Dart,” said Stacy Springer, Event/Volunteer Coordinator of American River Parkway Foundation. “We appreciate Dart’s dedication to preserving the Parkway and educating the community about recycling foam rather than littering or adding to our landfills.”

“We’re honored to partner with the American River Parkway Foundation for a fifth year. It’s a great collaborative effort to help the community clean up one of Sacramento’s most beautiful outdoor spaces, and educate residents about the value of recycling foam,” said Michael Westerfield, Corporate Director of Recycling Programs at Dart Container.

Dart’s participation in the Great American River Clean Up hopes to inspire people to pick-up litter and learn more about recycling foam.

Source: Sacramento Press