Local Fast Food Restaurant Recycles Foam

October 29, 2012

This October in Jacksonville, Texas, local Dairy Queen restaurant owners, Gene and Donna Brumbelow, were reported pioneering foam recycling efforts by offering customers foam recycling services in store. Gene Brumbelow credits his wife for tackling the project and hoped their efforts will have a positive impact on the environment. Donna Brumbelow attended a convention to get started and discussed foam recycling options with different vendors. Once the program was in place, the couple quickly noticed a good response from their customers.

“The company we buy our cups from actually presented the program to us about two years ago, and we’ve had this in place for about a year,” Donna Brumbelow said. “The response has been really good, too. People specifically stop in with their foam cups – even those from other stores – to recycle them.”

The Brumbelows use a cardboard box located in the front of the store with a sign encouraging customers to recycle foam cups. The sign lists some of the key benefits of recycling foam, including a list of products that can be made from recycled foam material. Some of the products include picture frames, architectural molding and nursery flats.

“We’re trying to encourage them to recycle, not just throw out their cups,” Gene Brumbelow said. “I’ve been to most of the (fast-food) restaurants around town and have not seen anything similar, so as far as I know, we’re the only ones doing this.”

Dart Container Corporation offers recycling programs, CARE (Cups Are REcyclable) and Recycla-Pak, to help any size business or organization recycle foam.

“I know that we’re the only (store) in the state that is doing this, and Dart (which supplies the cups and supports the recycling program) says they’re working diligently to get the program going with DQ statewide,” Donna Brumbelow said. “I’d love it if all the stores in town did it, too,” she said.

Source: Jacksonville Progress