Athens-Clarke Awarded Foam Recycling Coalition Grant

August 22, 2016

The community of Athens-Clarke County, Georgia has received a $29,000 grant to expand their polystyrene recycling efforts. The grant, issued by the Foam Recycling Coalition, was awarded to the County in response to their outstanding commitment to recycling post-consumer items.

The added money will further the community’s efforts, and will enable the local solid waste department to purchase densifiers that compact EPS, which is about 95 percent air, into condensed bricks. Densifying the material facilitates a highly efficient recycling and shipping process. The grant also enables the department to now accept food-grade EPS products.

Aside from the environmental benefit, the conversion of polystyrene foam to domestic manufacturing offers many economic benefits. Solid Waste Department Director Suki Janssen believes that the diversion of EPS is a key component in supporting Georgia’s economic recovery.

Foam consumer products are much less expensive than their paper counterparts. This grant means that small businesses can help protect the environment by recycling foam, while also looking out for their bottom line. Recycling programs provide communities with the best alternative for dealing with foam. Not only is there a positive environmental and economic impact, post-consumer foam can be made into many products that we use every day.