MYTH: The microwave can melt polystyrene.

FACT: The microwave cannot melt polystyrene, alone. If, however, the temperature of the item being microwaved exceeds 212° for sufficient period of time, the heat of the item being microwaved can melt polystyrene.

MYTH: Foam is not recyclable.

FACT: There are many recycling drop-off locations all around the world and more are being created every day.

MYTH: Small businesses can’t recycle foam.

FACT: Yes they can. The Dart Recycla-Pak collection bin doubles as the shipping carton used to return the collected cups for recycling at a Dart Container or industry recycling facility.

MYTH: Foam is filling up our landfills.

FACT: Foam foodservice products make up less than 1% by both weight and volume of our landfill waste. 

MYTH: Use of alternative products is environmentally superior.

FACT: According to IWMB, compared to many alternatives, the lifecycle impacts of polystyrene products that are properly disposed or recycled are favorable.

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