Trashblogger Recycles Foam

June 26, 2012

Trashblogger is a blogger from Minneapolis, MN. As a blogger, she is a resource for people everywhere to learn more about recycling. Trashblogger encourages recycling initiatives, while showing her followers how easy it is to make a difference.

Trashblogger has been collecting foam cups, plates, trays and clamshell take-out containers for years. After building a collection of foam and gathering foam from her co-workers it wasn’t too long before she had 12 bags full of recyclable polystyrene foam containers.

After calling a few local foam manufacturers, Trashblogger called the nearest Dart Container recycling facility to see if she could ship her foam to them.

Trashblogger wrote, “This super-nice woman called and said sure, we’ll take it, but I checked around your area and found a place that will accept your foam, I talked to the guy and here’s his name and number.”

Dart Container Corporation has recycling locations all across the U.S. If Dart doesn’t have a recycling center near you, a customer service representative will help you find a local polystyrene recycling center or will give you instructions on how to ship your polystyrene containers to the nearest Dart recycling facility.

Trashblogger was skeptical at first. “Usually people don’t want post-consumer foam for recycling because of food debris. I called, and sure enough, operations manager Jon Vikse said he could take my foam.”

“It’s clean, right?” asked Vikse.

“Yup, sure is. You can look at it, and if you don’t think it’s clean enough, I’ll take it away,” replied Trashblogger.

Trashblogger was so thankful she said, “I called the Dart Container woman back and thanked her profusely.”

Recycling specifications may vary from one recycling center to the next. Dart recycling centers request that foam products are separated from other materials such as; paper, cans, bottles, other plastics, and foam containers must be cleaned before bringing them to drop off locations. Recyclable products include:

– Foam cups and containers (cups do not need to be rinsed, but must be empty)
– Foam egg cartons
– Rinsed, single-layer, non-perforated foam meat trays
– Foam food trays/lunch trays. Must be rinsed-off or minimally contaminated (no food remnants)
– Most packaging foam: molded forms and shapes (no packaging peanuts)

Dart Recycling centers are located all across the U.S. with more than 80 drop off locations nationwide. Dart Container Corporation headquarters is located in Michigan. In Michigan, there are more than 40 polystyrene foam drop-off locations in over 20 counties. Click to view a map of all the Dart recycling centers. Dart works with public schools, state universities, and the State of Michigan to recycle all types of foam polystyrene products.

Source: Trashbasher