Foam Recycling Collections Cap Off Holiday Season in NYC

January 06, 2016

Across the five boroughs, New York City Council members are urging city residents to recycle the foam packaging that goes hand in hand with certain holiday gifts. On Saturday January 9, city residents can drop their polystyrene foam products off at locations in each borough.

Each drop-off location is collecting foam packaging from electronics, foam boxes, cups, and any other food container items made from polystyrene foam. These products can be easily identified by the No. 6 chasing arrows symbol.

The citywide recycling day was put together by PS Recycle It, a coalition of restaurant owners, pro-recycling groups, and small corporations, and sponsored by Council members from each borough.

“The foam packaging that keeps gifts protected during the holidays and the foam cups and containers we use every day are 100% recyclable and can be turned into a variety of items we use in our homes every day,” said Sarah Gould, spokeswoman for PS Recycle It.

Currently, New York City does not collect polystyrene foam for recycling, though the coalition has proposed a plan for all NYC foam to be recycled at no extra cost to taxpayers.

Gould thinks that events like this serve to educate New Yorkers about the possibility of foam recycling in the city and the environmental benefits that come with it. “This is an opportunity for the public to make a huge impact and truly help the environment,” she said.