Foam recycling drop-off locations open to the public.

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Dart Foam Recycling

  • Dart directly operates or has partnered on more than 85 foam recycling programs in North America.These facilities receive foam from  schools, businesses, and the public at large. 
  • To facilitate the recycling process, Dart operates three facilities with pelletizing capabilities and two facilities with cleaning equipment.
  • Recycled polystyrene is used by manufacturers to make picture frames, base boards, crown molding, and many other products

Recycling Specifications

Dart has been recycling food contaminated foam foodservice containers since 1990, however, recycling requirements vary by location. Please use map at the top of this page to view the specifications at a location near you.

Did you know that your foam trash can be turned into picture frames and surfboards? Recycled foam #6 is used to make a variety of everyday items – once the foam products are collected, they are compacted into dense bricks and or pellets that can be used to make new products. Visit to learn more about foam recycling and to find a recycling location near you. While you’re there, get inspired by stories from citizens who are committed to saving the planet, one recycled foam cup at a time!

Recycling foam is easy with programs like Dart Container’s CARE (Cups Are REcyclable) and Recycla-Pak. Whether you are a small business, a large corporation, a school, or an individual, Dart provides a convenient way of recycling.


CARE (Cups Are REcyclable)

Available on a lease basis, Dart offers the CARE (Cups Are REcyclable) Program. The CARE Program helps large users of foam foodservice products separate the foam from other products, consolidate the col­lect­ed material, and arrange to have it recycled. Recycled foam food­­ser­vice products can be reproces­sed into building insulation, plastic lumber, and many other products.




The Dart Recycla-Pak program is an easy way for any Dart customer to recycle their foam cups. Simply purchase a specially designed Recycla‑Pak corrugated collection bin and you can start recycling foam cups.

The Recycla‑Pak collection bin doubles as the shipping carton used to return the collected cups for recycling at a Dart or industry recycling facility. The bin will be shipped to you flat and, after a simple assembly, you are ready to begin collecting used foam cups for recy­cling. Dur­ing use, a card­board di­vider in the bin keeps the collected cups neatly stacked. A pre‑printed shipping label attached to the bin allows for easy return of the cups for recycling, freight prepaid.