PS #6 Foam

Why We Care

Polystyrene foam products have many uses and improve our quality of life in countless ways.

Used in schools, healthcare facilities and restaurants, foam products are a desirable and logical choice for businesses where food quality and sanitation are vital. Unfortunately, these same products are often misrepresented with false information.

Foam Facts is an informational website that accurately presents the health and environmental aspects of polystyrene foam. The information on this site aims to educate the public and drive accurate conversations regarding polystyrene foam.

More About Foam

Foam 101

Foam 101

Polystyrene is a thermoplastic found in rigid and foam applications.

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Foam Recycling


Polystyrene can be recycled. View the map to learn where and how to recycle foam.

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Foam Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Learn more about foam and microwaves, sanitation and more.

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